Lunch Box Diet Review

Don’t you just miss those days when you were in preschool and in grade school?

Who would forget the lunch boxes kids had during those days?

Do you remember the colorful designs, ranging from the lightest pink to the darkest color anyone could find?

Or do you remember the face of your favorite cartoon character plastered on the lunch box’s front?

Who can forget the different shapes these lunch boxes come in, from plain circular designs to the unique polygon shapes some boxes come in?

However, what truly was exciting was the thought everyone had each day – “what does my lunch box contain today?”

This diet plan was made by Simon Lovell from the U.K. who made this “lunch box” concept a wise plan for a diet program instead of leaving it all to memories.

What the program entails is to simply bring with you a lunch box filled with a variety of vegetables and protein-rich food which you can munch on anytime – preventing you from being hungry throughout the day.

However, the key here is to not lose control and take advantage by stuffing yourself with what you have.


You will love it not just because you get to relive your childhood snack time, but the food prescribed that you bring along is basically nutritious and prevents you from gaining excess weight.

The program comes in ten-page guides that are sold for your convenience and to teach those who do not know what a Lunch Box diet contains.

The nutrient count depends on what is in the lunch box.

The right combination of your favorite vegetables and fish, chicken and eggs are matched with dressings containing less fat and will be based according to your choice.

Carbohydrates can be added to the mix particularly for those people who are physically more active giving them the much needed energy they need for their daily activities.

The conditioning that you stomach gets from eating lesser food to digest will prepare you for controlling your intake during heavy meals like dinner and breakfast.


You will hate come to hate after going through the ten-page guide detail-by-detail.

Why is that?

It is because going over the details or browsing more about the diet plan through the provided ten-page guide will force you to buy the book.

As for the diet itself, having a lunch box filled with food puts you in a risk for overeating, causing you to take in excessive amounts of calories, depending on what food you put in your lunch box.

Thinking back, you would have probably hated it if you were the kind of child who always left your lunch box at home or at school, since what your lunch box contained was pure healthy goodness.

Moreover, it is another PLUS to your to-do list everyday just setting up and planning your lunch box.


The diet style did have quite some good points, just a few knowledgeable facts about nutrition and you are ready to go and make your own lunch box diet.

Use sixty percent vegetables, thirty percent protein-rich meat and ten percent low-fat dressings, and there you have it!

You just came up with your very own lunch box diet!

This diet is a great match for beginners. It has non-complicated style that trains your appetite and your gauge for heavy meals.

It will also increase your vegetable intake which will be good for your health.

If you are looking for a heavier workout or a more specific diet plan there are more diet books or guides available out there which you can use instead.