The Stubborn Seven Pounds Review

Stubborn Seven Pounds was initially a fitness and health manual created by a personal trainer named Josh. When it first hit the market, the manual became an instant success.

This led Josh to create an e-Book version of the said manual, which is now available at much lower prices considering that he no longer has to print and sell it to his clients who want to lose weight.

The e-Book comes in Acrobat Reader format and contains 129 pages of exercise tips and dietary guidelines complete with pictures showing off the results of past users of this program.

What Josh wanted to achieve with Stubborn Seven Pounds is to provide an effective means of getting rid of those stubborn fats for an improved appearance.

There are 3 key secrets that users will find out once you have purchased the ebook: (1) an effective abs exercise that will prevent a flabby look on your stomach, (2) performing the proper cardio workout, and (3) proper dietary guidelines to ensure that you eat the right types of food.


1. The exercise programs outlined in Stubborn Seven Pounds offer realistic weight loss means towards realistic weight loss goals. It is more focused on producing results, which will require a little effort on the users part. No workout that claims you wont sweat at all is capable of providing you the shape of body you want.

2. Josh provides a wide range of workout intensity to suit beginners as well as clients who would like to embark on hardcore weight loss workouts. The combination of full body movement and intense workouts indeed contribute to increasing the fat loss procedure.

3. The exercises provided are instructed in an easy to follow, step by step procedure.

4. Since the dietary guidelines provided for this program is non-restrictive, you can still enjoy the food you want while ensuring that you stay in shape.

5. Since Stubborn Seven Pounds is an e-Book, you can instantly download it right after purchase. Meaning, there are no waiting time for the shipping and you can get started with the workouts right away.

6. Josh is a professional personal trainer and is an expert in the fitness industry. He also has a lot of certifications such as NASM-CPT, NASM-PES, Apex-CPT, among others, to enhance his credibility.


1. Beginners might have difficulty coping with the hardcore workouts provided in this program. There are certain levels of intensity for your workout that you can customize to fit your own level of fitness though.

2. This program is specially designed by Josh only for women who desire not only to lose weight, but also to shape up their body.


If youre the type of person who is willing to undergo mild to intense workout training to achieve your desired shape and body tone, then Stubborn Seven Pounds will provide the legitimate means towards achieving your dream body.

This is a more reliable option for you if you want to not only lose weight but achieve firmer abs, thighs, or legs – a much better option than some other diet plans that completely neglects the role exercising has in improving your body, something which diet alone cannot achieve.